Keepnet Code / Rules

All Keepnets brought onto the lakes must be completely dry from previous fishing sessions

Water tight stink bags / net bags are not allowed round the lakes please leave in your car or carpark

All keepnets should be stretched out and air dried in the wind and sun before fishing starts

(this is the only way to stop the spread of disease via keepnets)

Apache Carp fishery approved keepnets & landing nets only!

Keepnets min 10ft long max 60lb fish in any one keepnet.

Organiser’s will decide if nets are fish friendly or not. (Any net with more than 60lb of fish in it will only count as max 60lb! plus angler liable to disqualification if an objection is lodged)

Do not roll fish down keepnets when weighing in use the keepnet code if you are not sure how to transfer your fish from your keepnet to the weigh net without damaging fish then please ask for help?

At times of low water/hot weather remember fish are more liable to stress & death so be extra gentle with them and keep them out of water for as short a time as possible.

Do not drop fish into keepnets from excessive heights.

Please use landing nets for fish over 5oz / 140grm