Apache Site Rules



  1. Only Use proper official entry/exit points to site, lake, roads, paths & fishing platforms. Do not block entry/exit points and only park in proper designated car park areas.
  2. Access to Staddlethorpe site is from Broad Lane via Station Road, use extreme caution when entering and leaving the site, as this is a blind junction onto Broad Lane.
  3. Access to West Cowick Pond is from Finnleys Lane and along Coopers heavy goods lane and then left into angler’s car park. Please do not drive across grass fields! Also the heavy goods yard is out of bounds.
  4. 5 mile per hour speed limit on sites.
  5. Please check match notice boards before fishing.
  6. Keep only to designated paths round lakes do not wander about through trees, embankments etc. Fishing from designated angler’s platforms only.
  7. When fishing near neighbouring houses please do not push poles back through boundary hedges, trees or fences. Please also respect their privacy especially early in a morning.
  8. Please adhere to all relevant bait bans & angling restrictions, rules and safety warnings.
  9. Anglers are advised for there own safety to stop fishing and handling carbon fibre poles & rods during thunder and lighting storms. Do not use carbon poles near overhead electric cables.
  10. No rowdy behaviour, no fires, guns, dogs and swimming, junior anglers must be properly supervised at all times! No motorbikes, scooters or cycles on footpaths round lakes.
  11. Please refrain from shouting, swearing and be discreet when going to the toilet when in the vicinity of neighbouring houses.
  12. Would anglers please refrain from throwing any remaining bait into lake or litterbins after fishing?
  13. No fish to be taken away (fish must be returned safe and well to the water) carp fishery approved keepnets, landing nets and weigh nets only (available to buy from apache-fishing) Do not handle fish with rags or towels, only wet hands. Do not roll fish down keepnets & take care when weighing fish in; big Carp and Catfish must be weighed and returned.
  14. Strictly no litter (this includes cigarette ends,) or discarded tackle. No tin cans to be brought onto site.
  15. Please note the relevant UK Environment Agency Fishing Licence is required.
  16. Please respect the country code- it takes a lot of time and money to keep these fisheries clean, tidy and pleasant, please do your best to keep and leave them this way. The sites are for the use of anglers only, and anglers have the right to ask members of the public who are not in possession of a current fishing permit to leave the site if they are in any way interfering with the fishing or the well being of the site.
  17. The bailiffs/owners/agents are authorised to request any individual, party or angling club who have or have not purchased permits to leave the site without reimbursement for whatever reason deemed necessary especially for contravention of rules.
  18. Individuals come on to the lakes sites at their own risk. Please be vigilant and exercise caution for your own and others safety and belongings at all times. Please be aware that during wet, icy and cold weather conditions car parks, paths, lake banks and fishing platforms can become and probably will be slippery underfoot please take care. All moneys paid in connection with coming to fish or visit these sites are non-refundable.