Expected Behaviour

Remember that the aim of taking part in an Apache fishing match is to have fun, improve your skills, feel good and hopefully do well, and catch some fish. (its not just about winning money!)

Anglers wanting to attend an Apache fishing match should:

Make themselves aware of and fish within the rules.

Respect the organisers! and abide by their decisions and instructions.

Respect fellow anglers.

Do not use foul, sexist or racist language.

Avoid all forms of gamesmanship, violence, foul play and cheating.

Show respect for all personal property, facilities, fish & wildlife.

Be calm and in control of their temper.

Appreciate and recognise the efforts of all anglers however good at the activity they may be. 

Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally!

Be able to accept the luck of the draw!

"Fair play and respect for all others in the competiton is fundamentally important"